How to Decorate with Collections | Ways to Display any Collection

Show off your collections with these display ideas.
How to Decorate with Collections Ways to Display any Collection
This roundup of coastal and nautical theme display ideas shows how you can decorate with your collection or collections. Be it beach collections, such as shells, seaglass, driftwood, rocks, sand or coastal and nautical collections such as glass float collections, vintage art and mirror collections and others. To see them all, make sure to follow all the links for more ideas how to decorate with each particular collection.

How to Decorate with Seashell Collections
How to Display Seashell Collections
There are many ways how you can decorate with a seashell collection. Quantity and size of shells matter and of course your preferences. Click on the links below to view all shell collection display ideas.

How to Showcase and Display Seaglass Collections
Ways to Showcase Seaglass Collections 
If you have a seaglass collection, consider yourself lucky! Seaglass looks gorgeous when the light hits it -that's something to consider. You'll find many great ideas how you can showcase your seaglass collection by clicking on the links below.

How to Decorate with Driftwood Collection
How to Show off Driftwood Collections
To display a collection of driftwood sticks in Cylinder Glass Vases is a great idea, other than that I have only found collections of driftwood bundled in baskets.  

How to Display Coral Collections
How to Decorate with Coral Collections
Should corals and sea life in general be harvested and sold for decor? Some people find coral broken off and dead -that would be the perfect score! 

Image: Vogue

Ways to Display Beach Sand Collection
Ways to Display Beach Sand Collections
Imagine having a little bit of sand from every beach visited! But even just a small collection of sand from different beaches makes for a lovely collection to put on display. Click on the link below to view some great ways how to decorate with a beach sand collection.

How to Decorate with Glass Floats
Ideas for Glass Float Collections
Whether Authentic or Reproduced, glass floats bring the sea to the home in a unique way with a nod to nautical.

Ideas for Bottle Collections
Bring the hues of the sea to your home with beautiful light blue and green glass bottle vases.

How to Display a Coastal Nautical Collection Ideas Inspiration
Coastal Collections as Gallery Walls
There is a number of coastal collections that can be used to create a stunning gallery wall, such as Framed Shells, vintage seaside art, mirrors, plates and more. To view all ideas, click on the links below. 

How to Display Nautical Collections
Miscellaneous Coastal & Nautical Collections 
And here are a few great miscellaneous coastal and nautical collections to check out. And if your collection isn't featured here, I hope you still got some inspiration for your specific collection.

To quote legendary interior designer Dorothy Draper, "Don't sprinkle your collection in a meaningless jumble. Notice how groups of small objects, when they are well arranged, become important and effective. Remember that repetition is a form of emphasis."