Decorating with Wire Baskets Coastal Style

Wire baskets showcase sea treasures beautifully.

vintage wire basket with driftwood
Here's what decorating with wire baskets looks like when done coastal style, displaying seashells, driftwood and glass floats.

Fabulous looking vintage wire basket filled with driftwood sticks. Seen at Anything Goes Here. This really makes me want to grow my driftwood collection, and go on a treasure hunt for a cool vintage wire basket.

Decorative Wire Baskets

wire basket with glass floats
This is a reproduction of a French market basket, used to display gorgeous Fishing Glass Floats. Via Heart Maine Home.

displaying big seashells in wire basket
This wire basket, seen in one of Jane Coslick's Cottages, holds a collection of big chunky seashells. Sea treasures have to be a certain size, so they don't slip out of the openings.

wire basket with shells
The rustic look of old wire baskets is perfect for sea treasures that have been tumbled by the sea for years. They also bring some shabby chic to the decor. Original source no longer available.

wire basket
A large wire basket, as seen here can sit on the floor.

vignette in wire basket
And a Vignette in a Wire Basket, mixing different items together, including a candle.

Wire baskets also look stunning when dressed up with Christmas Lights.