How to Decorate Coastal Style | 8 Interior Design Ideas

While Nautical Style captures the adventurous spirit of the high seas,
coastal style is all about capturing the serenity of the shore and simplicity of the laid-back beach lifestyle.

Bring Home Sea, Sand & Sun with Coastal Decor & Coastal Interior Design Ideas
How to decorate coastal style? Bring sea, sand and sun to your home!
Whatever you love most about the coast will guide your interior design and home decor. This short guide lays down
the coastal style basics followed by 8 coastal interior design ideas to help you create beautiful coastal style rooms,
plus a short guide by Overstock how to decorate coastal style in 3 steps. 

Coastal Style Basics

1. Coastal Colors
Light blue and green hues of the sea, sandy beige tones, sun bleached whites are the main Coastal Colors.
Other beautiful serene colors to incorporate into your coastal home decor theme are dune grass greens, beach pebble and driftwood grays & browns, colors you find in shells.
For some pops of vibrant colors, check think of the beautiful yellow and orange sun light at dawn and dusk, the colors of shore flowers, or beach umbrellas! 

2. Space over Things
Stepping out onto the beach and looking over the sea one instantly feels a sense of space and ease. To bring this open feeling to the home,
create a space that feels airy and uncluttered.

3. Relaxed Simplicity
Relaxed simplicity is the way of the beach.  You want the space to be comfortable and casual, whether your home decor style is elegant or cottage style, or something in between. This coastal aesthetic can be achieve no matter what your coastal home decor style is. 

4. Natural Fibers & Textures
Cottons and linens feel simple and breezy; woods, jute, sisal, and natural woven materials all read very coastal.
Think of palms, pines, driftwood and dune grasses.  

Coastal Interior Design Ideas

Coastal Style Interior Design Decor Basics
1. Coastal Style Basics
Contemplate those coastal style basics to determine the design and Furnishings you want.
11 Classic Neutral Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas

Ocean View Wall Art Decor Ideas
2. Get an Ocean View
If you don't see the sea from your window, no problem. Anyone can have an ocean view with Coastal Art!
Hang a great coastal beach painting or photograph in a prominent spot. Above the fireplace, the TV, above the sofa, the bed or a buffet table; any place where your coastal art catches the eye and imagination. For a rustic beachy look, consider Coastal Art Decor Ideas on Wood.  

Coastal Interior Design Ideas: Mirrored Furniture that Sparkles like the Sea on a Sunny Day
3. Add Oceanic Sparkle
Bring something shiny to your space that sparkles like the sea on a sunny day.
Mirrors and Mirrored Decor & Furnishings, anything glass, including choosing luminious glass tiles for kitchen and bathroom.

Coastal Decorating Ideas with Accessories
4. Expressive Accessories
Choose Coastal Decor Accessories that really speak to you. Things that capture the essence of your coastal experience.
For example, if you love to snorkel, find some great Faux Coral Figurines that bring the underwater world to your home.  

8 Interior Design Ideas: Coastal motifs & patterns. Upholstered arm chair with sea life motif pattern
5. Coastal Motifs and Icons
Include patterns that feature coastal motifs, such as shells, coral branches, starfish, as well as beachy stripes.
The easiest way to do this is with a bunch of great Coastal Pillows, dreamy Coastal Bedding,
or awesome Upholstered Chairs with Coastal Fabric.

Coastal Interior Design Ideas: Gallery Wall
6. Focal Point Coastal Accent Wall
Besides creating an ocean view as mention in point 2, there are many other Wall Decor Ideas to inspire your coastal interior design.
Want to go big and bold? Devote an entire wall to the coastal theme. This can be a Coastal Gallery Wall, a wallpapered wall, or a painted wall. 

Seashell Display Ideas with Fillable Glass & Jar Table Lamps
7. Display your Beach Finds in Style
Chances are that you collect shells and whatever else intrigues you while taking a stroll along the beach.
There is your chance for Free Coastal Home Decor! To make sure to keep your space uncluttered,
Display your Shells & Beach Finds in a Stylish and Organized Fashion.
Jars and Fillable Glass Table Lamps keep your treasures safe & sound!

Coastal Beach Vacation Decor Inspiration
8. Channel a Favorite Place
If you're not living near the coast, or even if you do, channel a favorite place.
Charming Nantucket, palmy Florida, a tropical Caribbean Island, a spot on the Mediterranean sea, or your stay in a Greek Island Villa.
Coastal styles and coastal interior designs vary by location, pronouncing different design elements, according to culture, history and traditions.
You can infuse this elements or make them the star!  

How to Decorate Coastal Style in 3 Steps

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