Nautical & Coastal Candle Lanterns for Inside & Outdoors

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Charming candle lanterns to light up the night coastal, beach and nautical style.

Beach Rope Lantern
There are all kinds of charming Rope Lantern in Pier 1's Lantern Collection.

Hanging Jar Lanterns
The lovely Hanging Jar Lanterns from Pottery Barn's Lantern Collection. See how people have been Knocking of these PB Lanterns. Most of these Candle Lanterns can be Filled with Beach Treasures -a little sand, a handful of seaglass pieces and/or seashells.

Small Jar Lanterns with Rope
Small Rope Lanterns from Target's Wedding Favor Collection, sold in a set of 12. Let them dangle from your porch, deck or from your backyard tree as seen here. They look charming just scattered on the table too.

Candle Holders with Rope Handles
A selection of Glass Candle Holders from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Rope Candle Lanterns
And Pottery Barn's Classic Rope Lanterns. They look great in any scenario. As a Candle Table Center Piece or on the floor, inside or outdoors. From Pottery Barn's Lantern Collection. To see a knock off of these lanterns, go to DIY Coastal Beach Summer Lanterns.

Wooden Beach Lantern
Large Wooden Lanterns from Wayfair's Coastal Lantern Collection that make wonderful display cases as seen on Display Shells & Sea Life in a Decorative Lantern.

Fisherman Net Candle Lantern
And more Fisherman Net Candle Lanterns, found on Amazon. Or Make Net Lanterns! And check out these Jar Candle Lanterns with Inserts too!

Lighthouse Lantern
Shine a light into the night with this Wooden Lighthouse Candle Lantern from Wayfair's Candle Holder Collection. A classic lighthouse framework is painted white and fitted with slender glass panels, topped with black metal embellishments.

Blue, Red and White Metal Candle Lanterns
Blue, Red and White iron lanterns from Pier 1's Lantern Collection. These adorable candle lanterns have a nautical flair, painted by hand and finished with a powder coating for rust-resistance.

Pottery Barn Bristol Beach Candle Lantern
And Pottery Barn's Bristol Candle Lanterns. The tall lantern looks awesome just sitting on the floor, filled with sand and a large candle. White Space

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