Decorating with Seashells

Decorating with seashells is the easiest way to bring home the beach.

decorating with seashells
There are many ways how you can create stunning displays with your seashells. Here are a few examples how you can decorate with a Seashell Collection or elegantly display one single shell, using jars, vases and cloches. 

A beautiful seashell filled jar is such a simple yet visually exciting decorating idea. It can stand all on its own, especially if it is an elegant antique apothecary jar like this one. The jar holds seashells in a Long Island house that draws inspiration from the sea. To tour the home, head over to House Beautiful.

seashell in cylinder vaseIf you have scored a large beautiful seashell, show it off in a tall cylinder vase. Better Homes and Garden suggests to pour sand into a glass cylinder vase and arrange the conch to call attention to its natural beauty. Stand the vase on its own or rest another shell or two against the base.

seashells in glass hurricane vase

I'm loving these thick glass hurricane vases. Create a grouping with different heights, and add a candle. A great vignette that you can enjoy year round. For me decorating with seashells is for all seasons!

seashell decorating with cloches

When decorating with seashells, don't be afraid to make a big statement. You don't see a display like this very often. A seashell collection under bell jars! You find this seashell display in Betsy Wyeth’s Benner Island home, off the Coast of Maine. You can tour the home at AD magazine.

purple shell color inpiration
And how sweet is this small cloche with seashells! By Mode Vintage Life.

shells in fillable glass lampAnd here's the perfect beachcomber lamp! A Fillable Glass Lamp that adds function to decorating with seashells. Via M Design.