DIY Wind Chime Ideas with Shells, Beach Glass & Driftwood

Create a welcoming environment around doorways with these DIY wind chime ideas, using shells, beach glass and driftwood.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas with Shells, Beach Glass and Driftwood
According to feng shui, one way to invite positive energy into our homes is by creating a welcoming environment around doorways, says Home Sweet Home who created four gorgeous wind chimes with shells, beach glass and driftwood that she collected along the shore.

shell wind chime
This shell wind chime is made with shell shards that hang from a piece of driftwood. For this you have to Drill Tiny Holes in the Shells and the Driftwood and attached them with bead thread, adding a small bead at each end to secure the knots.

shell windchime
Another Shell Windchime is accessorized with colored beads and buttons.

making wind chime with beach glass
And a lovely luminous Seaglass Wind Chime out on the patio. You can learn how to drill holes in seaglass here. Or if you don't want to deal with the drill, Wire Wrap the Seaglass.

makig a wind chime with driftwood
Lastly, a Driftwood Wind Chime, woven together with jute to avoid drilling holes into the wood. For spacing, jute strands were threaded through small hex nuts between each wood piece.