Decorative Coastal Window Shutters for Curb Appeal

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Window shutters are so charming, and many of them have great curb appeal. Here are a few with coastal designs!

coastal custom shutters cutouts

decorative window shutters with nautical cutouts
Atlantic Premium Shutters, for example, is a company that offers a selection of coastal theme cutouts, including anchors, sailboats, palm trees and seahorse, plus they can make virtually any type of custom designed cut-out if provided a drawing or template.

starfish shutters
Atlantic Premium Shutters are made from composites, and never have to be painted.

Another sources for coastal window shutters is Seaport Shutters.

Decorative Shutters with Cutouts
Castaways Hall offers a great selection of Decorative Coastal Cedar Wood Shutters. Choose from painted or unpainted! These coastal shutters are only decorative.

Board and Batten Decorative Shutters
White Board and Batten PVC Shutters from Island Creek Designs.

board and batten costal window shutters
Jane Coslick's Decorative Board and Batten Shutters, available in ten different colors. You can see more of Tybee Island designer Jane here where she props a chipped and faded shutter behind the bed!

decorative shutter hardware seahorses
Another idea for coastal themed shutters is to add decorative hardware. Lovely. These are also board and batten shutters. You can tour this cottage at House Beautiful. White Space White Space

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