Shore Bird Statues & Figurines | Carved, Cast & Metal Shorebirds

Shore bird statues and figurines grace many interiors, here are a few ideas.

carved wood egrets
You can find shore bird statues and shore bird figurines in local home decor stores, gift and thrift shops, as well as in art galleries -from hand carved wood shore birds to look-alikes made from cast resin and shore birds made from metal. Some shore bird statues and figurines made from metal can be used as Garden Statues too. Prices vary widely depending on how the shorebirds are made. Above, you see two carved egret statues in a home featured at Charleston Mag.

Pelican Statue Beach Cottage Decor

Sandpiper Figurine Statue
I found this cute sandpiper figurine at a local gift store in Sarasota, called Just Because. It is cast with a resin/plaster mixture.

Wood Carved Shorebirds | Egrets Herons Sandpipers Seagulls Pelicans

Great selection of gorgeous wooden shorebird statues and figurines that are entirely hand crafted from carving to painting and finishing with wax polish. Made under fair trade principles using sustainable softwood and non toxic paints. You'll find EgretsHeronsSandpipersSanderlings, Pelicans, Seagulls and other shorebirds.

Shore Bird Table Lamp

Consider adding your favorite shore bird to your space with a Whimsical Coastal Table Lamp. The shore bird sculptures of these table lamps are mostly resin cast.

Gold Flamingo Sculpture