Coastal Tray Decor | Vignette Styling Ideas

Create a fabulous coastal vignette with these tray decorating & styling ideas, using all kinds of trays including tiered trays.

Glass Hurricane Beach Candle Holder
Coastal tray decor idea with a Glass Hurricane Candle Holder Idea seen at Songbird Blog.

Put your favorite items on display neat and tight on a tray. These coastal tray decor ideas will give you all the inspiration for decorating your own tray and style your items in a harmonious way. To use a tray to display a coastal vignette is also very practical since you can easily move it from one place to another.

Coastal Coffee Table Styling with Trays

A colorful Flower Bouquet is the focal point on this wooden tray and a fun little Block Beach Sign spells out a Beachy Saying.


coastal vignette on black tray
When decorating a tray, you can use the same tips as Decorating & Styling a Console Table. Display items on your tray with different heights, stack books to elevate an item, and the like. This is a great example of a coastal decorated tray making for a stunning focal point on an Ottoman Coffee Table, styled by Garrison Hyullinger Interiors. Also check out How to Style a Coffee Table Coastal for more ideas.

tray chic coastal decorations
A striking yet simple coastal tray featured here.

beach tray chic
A coastal decorated tray with nautical cleat handles and a Beach Sign in a Martha's Vineyard Home.

coastal wood tray
Blue painted wood box tray in a suburban ranch home. Via the DIY Play Book.

Shell Embellished Wood Tray Decor
Shell Embellished wood tray decor by Simple Nature Decor.


mirror tray on coffee table
Set up a lovely coastal tray vignette out on the Porch. Seen on Kiki's List.

Metal Tray with Rope Handles
A reflective tray, be it a mirror tray or metal tray, brings a dose of glamour to the space. Flowers and shells are all you need! Plus the rope handles add that nod to nautical. Seen at Better Homes & Gardens.

wood box tray
Another vintage wood box that's used as a tray by A Beach Cottage, featured here.

collection displayed on tray
Display mementos from vacations or special occasions on a tray. Via BHG. Coastal tray decorating can vary with the seasons and be easily styled for all kinds of occasions. 

Coffee Table Top Decor with Coastal Beach Tray
A beachy tray vignette by Simple Nature Decor

woven basket tray
Large round basket tray from Pottery Barn. A simple way to Display your Shell Collections.

Coastal Coffee Table Vignette Idea with Woven Wicker Tray
Coastal coffee table vignette with woven tray by Williams Sonoma, featured on their unique Travertine coffee table. 

Wicker Tray Coastal Style Vignette Decorating Idea
A fun and eclectic coastal tray decor idea by Jean via Flickr, set on a wicker tray.

tray with seaglass and planters
Tray with mini planters and seaglass. Via BHG.

beachy candles on tray
Tray with a grouping of beachy candles via Mom It, featured on Coastal Beach Candle Holder Ideas.

red tray with coastal display
A colorful tray that holds a couple of books, coral and a brass Clam Shell that opens. Seen at Sweet Something.

Tray chic decorative display includes a Fillable Table Lamp. Via Caron's Beach House Blog.

Tiered Tray Coastal Beach Decor
The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a decorative display with a tiered tray. Seen at Dining Delight.

Decorative Tiered Trays Coastal Styling Ideas
Creative coastal styling ideas for tiered trays by Tiering It up on Instagram.

Tiered Tray Displays Coastal Beach Nautical Theme

Tiered Tray Shell Filled Tabletop Centerpiece Idea
Fill a tiered tray with shells for a great Coastal Table Centerpiece. Featured on Best Coastal Tabletop Decor Ideas.

Christmas Tray Vignette with Tabletop Cone Christmas Trees

And a beautifully coastal styled tray for the Christmas season by Cailini Coastal, featuring Coastal Cone Christmas Trees

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