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I light candles year round, and appreciate them even more during the colder months. Nothing adds warmth and evening ambiance like candle light! I have a lot of pillar candles in my living room..., and the following pillar candle holder display ideas should satisfy any beach cravings you might have.

seahorse pillar candle holder
Let's start with some fabulous coastal them candle holders. This pair, featuring seahorses, is from RSH Catalog (but no longer available). Look for coastal and beach theme pillar candle holders on Amazon & Wayfair!

Octopus Pillar Candle Holder
Here is a cute Octopus Pillar Candle Holder that I found in Pier 1's Pillar Candle Collection.

stone candle holder with glass container
Something completely different, a whitewashed stone candle holder with a glass container from Willow House. The candle holder allows you to add a little Sea Glass!

glass bowl with pillar candle and shells
Lovely Glass Bowl on Stand that shows off hand collected seashells beautifully. Idea via The Decorated House.

modern glass candle holder
Create a little Beach Zen with Rocks and sand, using a Straight Sided Clear Glass Bowl. Via Country Home & Interiors.

pillar candle in round vase
Display in Clear Glass Bubble Vase by It's Overflowing, featured on Coiled Rope Art Display Ideas.

pillar candles on tray
An elegant Silver Tray that's beached up with a thin layer of sand and a few shells added. Via Wunderweib.

hurricane pillar candle holder display idea
Glass Hurricane Vases come in many different designs to fit your style. You can use these outdoors too since the flame is protected. Create a grouping of two or three, using different heights. Featured on Decorating with Seashells.

cylinder vase candle holder idea
Similar candle holder display idea, using Clear Glass Cylinder Vases. A simple design with clean lines that goes well with a modern look. Seen on Chris Lang Weddings.

Decorative Lanterns are so charming and have lots of character. Just add a few beach finds to them! They are perfect for outdoors too. Pottery Barn has a great selection of lanterns.

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