43 Coastal Beach Candles & Candle Holder Ideas

Creating a relaxing mood with beach theme candles and candle holders. 

candles in cylinder vases with sand
Beautiful Pillard Candle Holders sit in vases filled with beach sand. Via Real Simple.

Coastal beach candles look great displayed as a collection, and single candles can be spread throughout the home. You can also use these candle decor and candle holder ideas to add pops of color here and there. Ideas range from candles placed in simple cylinder vases with sand on the bottom, to all kinds of neat coastal candle holders. Coastal candle decor ideas include candles that you can shop as well as some DIY coastal candle ideas.

Sand Filled Glass Vase with Candle
Simplicity is the Way of the Beach, nicely illustrated with this simple idea from Pottery Barn

Glass Vase Candle Holder Ideas with Fillers Sand Shells
Simple glass vases filled with sand and shells make for an elegant beachy candle vignette. Idea from Pottery Barn

Clear Glass Hurricane Candle Holder Decorating Ideas with Shells

Glass Candle Lanterns for Beach Shell Display
Glass Candle Lanterns that leave space for your own beach display, such as sand and shells.

Jar Candle Lanter with Insert
Nifty Glass Candle Holders with Inserts that make it super easy to create a stunning display on the bottom.

Glass Hurricane Candleholder Ideas
Blue Glass Candle Holders from Pottery Barn evoking an oceanic feel.

Shop Glass Hurricanes at Pottery Barn

Unique Candle Holders Vessels for Candle Display Large Giant Clam Shell Idea Decorating with Candles
Large shells such as Giant Clam Shell Bowls make great vessels for a coastal candle display as seen at Alfresco Emporium on Instagram.

Shells in Dish with Flameless Candles
Pottery Barn uses their Flickering Flameless Pillar Candles for this lovely shell and candle arrangement in a dish.

Decorative Candle Lanterns Filled with Beach Shells
Decorative Lanterns Styled with Beach Finds. These decorative lanterns are mostly made of metal. You might find a interesting decorative lantern in a thrift shop.

Scallop Shell Candle Lantern Metal
Shell embellish a candle lantern to enjoy the nice glow thru the shell. Flat scallop shells are perfect for this.

Coastal Candle Holder Decor Ideas
Votive Candle Holder from Wayfair's Votive Candle Holder Collection. This candle holder has plenty of room for beautiful seashells. Pottery Barn sells a similar Candle Holder Tray in Brass. 

Shop Coastal Candle Holders at Wayfair

Candle Tray Fillable
Similarly, this nifty Metal Candle Tray from Terrain is ready to be filled with your Seashell Collection. The Oyster Shells look pretty. Filled shell tray image from Martha Stewart.

Seahorse Candle Holders
Seahorse Candle Holder Set from Michaels with a modern contemporary flair in silver and gold. 

Octopus Candle Holders
Fun Octopus Candle Holders candelabra style at Beyond.

Kraken Octopus Candle Holder
The elusive Kraken Octopus Candel Holder from Vagabond House is a statement piece that brings the magic and mystery of the deep sea to your home.

Palm Candle Holders
Coastal Votive Glass Candle Holders
Votive Candles with Etched Coastal Designs by Carved Solutions at Bed Bath & Beyond. Choose from a variety of sea inspired designs, either in clear glass or in jars with lids that come in different colors.

How to Stamp Candles with Beach Rubber Stamps
Decorate your candles using beachy rubber stamps as featured at Sinnenrausch (in German). A simple and fun decorative beach candle ideas. Perhaps you already have some stamps, or Shop Beachy Rubber Stamps on Etsy

Beach Art Candles
Beach Art Candles from Caron's Beach House made by artisans at Annapolis Candle feature the art by painter Kim Hovell. 

Sand Dollar Candle
Sand Dollar Ceramic Candle from Pottery Barn that, once used, can be a lovely canister to store keys, candies, paper clips or anything else you can think of.

Coastal Wine Bottle Candle Holder Topper
Stick a Wine Bottle Topper Candle Holder on a great Decorative Bottle, or a Wine Bottle with a Coastal Theme Label Design. Image: Painted Wine Bottle by Margits.

rope candle
Rope Wrapp glass vases for a decorative nautical touch. Seen here.

sand candles
Transform ordinary candles into Beach Candles with sand.

beach candles
Adorn candle holders to your heart's content. Seen here.

Beach Shell Tray Blue Votive Candle Holder Idea
Simple shell tray candle holders from the beach, seen HERE.

shell candles
Shell candles made with beeswax via Garden Therapy. If you love this idea, make sure to check out all these DIY Seashell Candles.

oyster candles
These are Oyster shell votive candle holders from Wisteria, but no longer available. Click the links below to shop a variety of oyster candle holders, and you might want to give a DIY oyster candle holder a try!

Oyster Art Candle
Luminary Oyster Art Candle by Kim Hovell fragranced with notes of white tea, eucalyptus, and coconut. And when burned down, clean out the glass vessels and use it as a vase or pen-holder, for example. A lovely fragranced candle like this is perfect for a Beach Spa Bathroom!

Flameless Coastal Candles
Flameless Sea Turtle Candles sold by  Luminara on Amazon. Looks like a traditional candle!

razor shell votive candle holder
Razor Shell votive candle holders. Via Wunderweib.

driftwood votive candle holder

Shell Covered Wood Plank Candle Holder Idea
Beautifully shell covered wood plank candle holder idea along with Shells on Wood as Wall Art. This was submitted by a reader to Completely Coastal on Pinterest inspired by DIY Seashell Wall Art on Wood

Reclaimed Driftwood Candle Holder Centerpiece
Driftwood Candle Holder Centerpiece that includes some seaglass details. From Redwood Coastal Design.

Wood Block Tea Light Candle Holder Blue Beach Life Quote
Wood block tea light candle holder with a beach quote seen at The Wicker House. Shop Wood Block Tea Light Candle Holders and Stencil on a Quote.

beach sea gel candles

glass jar candle holders with beach sand
Simple Jar Candle Holders that can be used as Hanging Jar Lanterns. Original source no longer available.

Wine Glass Cloche Candle Holder Table Centerpiece Idea
Did you know that Wine Glasses Make Awesome Candle Holders? From filling glasses with sand to turning the wine glasses upside down for a cloche look.

mini shell rings wreaths for candles
Shells glued into circles and used as candle rings. Idea by Barbara Jacksier.

Coastal Candle Wall Sconce
Also to consider -Wall sconce candle holders! This Metal Palm Leaf Sconce from Wayfair is a great example.