14 Coastal Beach Candles & Candle Holder Decor Ideas

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Since there is nothing more soothing and festive than the warm glow of candle light, I put together a collection of coastal beach candles and candle holder decor ideas that I find inspiring. Assorted candles look great as a table centerpiece, single candles can be spread throughout the home. You can also use candle decor to add pops of color here and there. This collection of coastal candle decor ideas includes a lot of great DIY candle ideas.

candles in cylinder vases with sand
Beautiful Pillard Candle Holders sit in vases filled with beach sand. Via Real Simple.

Your coastal beach candles can be as simple as candles in vases filled with sand, or as elaborate as oyster shell candle holders where shells are meticulously arranged and glued together piece by piece. Or bring coastal flair to existing candle holders by wrapping them with rope, or embellish with sand or beach finds.

Coastal Candle Holder Decor Ideas
Votive Candle Holder from Wayfair's Votive Candle Holder Collection. This candle holder has plenty of room for beautiful seashells.

rope candle
Rope Wrapp glass vases for a decorative nautical touch. Seen here.

sand candles
Transform ordinary candles into Beach Candles with sand.

beach candles
Adorn candle holders to your heart's content. Seen here.

shell candles
Shell candles made with beeswax via Garden Therapy. If you love this idea, make sure to check out all these DIY Seashell Candles!

oyster candles
Make Oyster Shell Candle Holders. Via Wisteria.

razor shell votive candle holder
Razor Shell votive candle holders. Via Wunderweib.

driftwood candle holder
This Driftwood Candle Holder is the small version of this Lamp Base!

driftwood votive candle holder
Get the Drill for this Driftwood Candle Holder.

beach sea gel candles
Aquatic gel candles, featured here.

glass jar candle holders with beach sand
Simple Jar Candle Holders. Original source no longer available.

jar candle holders
Beach up Glass Jar Candle Holders with napkins and Mod Podge.

nautical candle lantern
Coastal candle holder idea for a lantern. Paint the Glass! Enjoy the glow from your beautiful coastal beach candles! And if you love candles as much as I do, check out This Post for some great display ideas. White Space

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