Hanging Glass Globe Terrarium Ideas with a Coastal Beach Theme

Adorable hanging glass globe terrarium ideas with coastal and beach theme displays.

Hanging glass globe from Beach Cottage Garden.

Create a whimsical mini beach world with a hanging glass globe terrarium. The displays in the glass globes can be easily changed up for any seasons too.

Ready-made terrarium with a live tillandsia air plant that takes center stage amongst sand, seashells, moss and driftwood, all artfully placed within a glass globe that you can hang.

Decorative Hanging Glass Globes with a Coastal Theme
Anythingology has an entire bunch of coastal theme glass globes hanging off some branches.

Hanging Glass Globe Candle Holder Idea
Hanging glass globe terrarium candle holder idea from Style Me Pretty.

Hanging Glass Globe Terrariums
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Hanging Beach Garden Terrariums
These hanging glass globe terrariums were a special display for a birthday. Some of these glass globes have candles in them. Also from Anythingology.
Air Plants add the perfect green touch.

DIY Hanging Beach Terrarium in Glass Globe
And here is How to Make a Hanging Beach Terrarium.