Coastal Display Ideas for Tillandsia Air Plants in Shells, Driftwood & Glass Globes

Display ideas with neat Tillandsia air plants in shells, driftwood, and glass globe terrariums.

shell air plant
Tillandsia air plant in a large conch shell. Via By the Seashore Decor.

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Tillandsia air plants are free floating plants that don't require soil. These plants absorb water and nutrients through the leaves which makes them ideal for creating green arrangements with shells, driftwood, as well as globe terrariums. To learn how to care for your little air plants (they do still need a little bit of TLC), scroll down to the bottom of the page!

Tillandsia air plant in shell
A unique and creative idea. Frame a Shell Air Plant Bouquet.

Gilded Oyster Shell Trays
Gilded Oyster Shells on Wood Blocks with Air Plants from White Cotton.Pick a color of your choice for the wood blocks, and the trims can be gilded in gold or in silver.

Painted Shell Tray Idea for Votive Candles

air plants in small shells
Make adorable mini arrangements. Seen here.

Air Plant in Sea Shell
Air plant in seashell via The Cottage Journal. Adorable as tabletop decor.

Beach Terrarium Air Plant Lit
A Lit Beach Terrarium from Etsy that uses a classic mini Candle Lantern with Rope Handle. Original source is no longer available.

Air Plant Beach Terrarium Glass Globe

Tabletop Glass Globe Beach Garden with Air Plant
Air Plant Garden from Pottery Barn.

air plants in bottles
Terrariums in Bottles.

Tillandsias in glass vase
And Tillandsia Air Plants in a vase with rocks.

Driftwood Glass Vase Filler
Air plants in a small glass vase with Driftwood Fillers from Pottery Barn.

Driftwood Branch with Air Plant
Add air plants to a Driftwood branch. Via Home Goods Blog.

air plants display in driftwood
Or find a niche for your Air Plants in a driftwood piece. Tillandsia air plants are very low maintenance; all they want is to bask in light and have a little bath a few times a week. For more details, read below.

Wreath with Air Plants and Shells

How to Care for your Air Plant
Your cute air plant needs water. You can mist it daily or soak it 1 to 3 times per week in water for a couple of hours. The more deeply you water, the more time it buys you. But never wait longer than a week to water your air plant. You should never really wait longer than a week. And your air plant need light. Tillandsias love as much bright indirect light as you can give them with an additional brief period of direct sun during early morning or late afternoon.