27 Shell Art Ideas | Framed Seashell Wall Art

Creating beautiful art with shells. 

Shell Art Seashell Wall Art Ideas
This great selection of shell art ideas provides you with all the inspiration you need to frame your own seashells and enjoy them as wall art. You find examples of lovely seashell arrangements, museum style shell art, as well as shells mounted on wood blanks. Plus, interior decor ideas that show you how to decorate with your shell art. 

Let your imagination and creativity flow when creating your shell art. Play around with your seashells until you have a happy arrangement! The picture shows framed shell art by Sanibel Shell Art, made from hand picked shells that are arranged in solid wood frames.

Tips on How to Create Shell Art

Plan Your Design: 
Before you start gluing shells onto your base, sketch out a rough design or layout on paper. Consider patterns, shapes, and color combinations you'd like to incorporate. You can create abstract designs, geometric patterns, floral arrangements, or even realistic scenes. 

Arrange Your Shells:
Lay out your shells on the base according to your design plan. Play around with different arrangements until you're happy with the look. Consider mixing different types of shells to add texture and visual interest to your piece.

 Add Extra Details: 
If desired, you can paint the shells or the background to enhance the overall look of your art. You can also incorporate other embellishments like seaglass, beads, pearls, or small pieces of driftwood to add depth and dimension to your design.


Framing Assorted Shells with Names
Here is an idea for educational shell art! Seashells are framed with their names included. Seen at Salty Sea Art on Etsy

Framed Oyster Shell Art
Using the same type of shell to compose a pattern can also lead to stunning results as seen in this Oyster Shell Art from Pottery Barn.

White Shells Shadow Box Wall Art
Another Shell Shadow Box Idea from Pottery Barn shows how to make modern shell art. To create a modern flair, paint your shells the same color. See this shell shadow box in a Coastal Office!

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shell art shadow boxes
Grouping of deep shadow box frames with shells from Craftberry Bush. When composing your shell art there are three things to consider. The frame, background and arrangement of shells. To bring them together, all you need is your imagination and a hot glue gun. 

coquina shell art
Shell art on black. A compelling assortment of small Coquina shells from Sanibel Island, FL. Featured on Displays Inspired by the Natural History Museum. The shells are also known as butterfly shells. It's easy to see why. Each shell has its own pencil drawn compartment. An inexpensive white Ribba frame from Ikea was used.

burlap frame shell art
For this Framed Shell Art a recycled frame was used and burlap as a background (hot glued to a cardboard) which gives this framed shell wall art a sandy feel. Also note, there is no glass. You can touch the shells. And a very useful tip: Lay out the shells then take a picture so you remember the placement.

Framing Seashells | Organizing Shell Collection in a Shadow Box Frame
Similar sized shells are lined up in rows making for a visually stunning shell art piece. Also in the mix are some other small beach treasures washed up on the shore. Created by Lily & Sea on Instagram

Framed Shell Art DIY Ideas Distressed Shadow Box Frame
A variety of shells art tightly grouped together and adhered into a rustic distressed picture frame. Original source unknown.

shell collage
The idea of a Beach Collage is a little different from all the other shell art projects. It's like framing a slice of beach. Created by Natasha Burns. Original source no longer available.

Simple Seashell Shadow Boxes
Fill a Shadow Box with your Seashells. Easy to pull off, and striking in look. A deep enough shadow box can also be displayed free standing.

gallery shell art
Create abstract shell art. Featured on Gallery Worthy Framing Ideas for Shells, Seaglass and Beach Pebbles. By Beached Art.

Seashell Art on Wood Board
Mount Seashells on Wood for a casual rustic look. Original source unknown.

Seashell Heart Wall Art on Wood
With a wood board as frame you can create anything, such as a Shell Mosaic heart. Featured on DIY Seashell Hearts Wall Art. Original source no longer available.

Shell Mosaic Art Shadow Box Idea
Create any shape with your shells to make a special themed shell art piece like this from Lily & Sea Shell Art UK

Framed Shell Anchor Wall Art Idea
For this shell art an anchor template was used to glue the shells onto. Idea by Shell Shop Treasures.

black frame shell art
Black makes for a dramatic background. In this case a black velour fabric covers a sturdy foam core board. Via My Pinterest.

gallery wall with shell art in dining room
An outstanding Gallery Walls of shell art in a dining room via Traditional Home, featured on Slipcovered Furniture 101. For tips and tricks, read How to Hang a Picture Grouping.

shell art frame grouping
Shadow Box Frames were used to play off the shell pattern in a Dash & Albert seashell rug, featured on Nautical Rugs. Via Redbook Mag.

shell art in the bathroom
Shell Art in the Bathroom. Pieces of beach vacation memorabilia.

shell gallery wall in living room above sofa
Shells arranged by color and size. By Sand and Sisal.

Sailor Valentines Shell Wall Art Decor
Sailor Valentines are intrinsic pieces of shell art. Here you see a collection of them in a Rustic Seaside Cottage in Maine. It's one of the owners most treasured collections. 

frames with shells by Tobi Fairley
A bunch of frames unified with paint, each displaying a single shell. By Tobi Fairley. via Traditional Home.

Sea Shell Beach Art Printer Tray Idea
Printer Tray Shell Displays are not what you consider your typical shell art, but they are too gorgeous to leave out. This printer tray shell art, created by Michelle Snowden offers many little compartments to highlight shells.

Shells Framed with Abstract Painted Ocean Background
The background of your shell art can have a big visual impact as this shell art illustrated. It looks like the background is a Painted Abstract Ocean. Original source unknown.

And some Beach Memories are organized and displayed in a ways that I consider them shell art as well.

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