DIY Framed Shell Wall Art

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I know you have some lovely shells! Here are a few great examples how to arrange your collected treasures in frames, so you can enjoy them as shell art. Inspiration for Show Stopping Gallery Walls included!

shell art shadow boxes

This gorgeous grouping of deep shadow box frames comes from Craftberry Bush. When composing your shell art there are three things to consider. The frame, background and arrangement of shells. To bring them together, all you need is your imagination and a hot glue gun!

Framed Sunrise Shell
This is a native Hawaiian Sunrise Shell. It is framed beautifully and includes a short description and date. There is a lot said about how to frame art, or in this case, how to frame your collected treasures and turn them into shell art. The frame and background you choose depend on how you want to present the shells and where you want to display the art. And of course it also depends on your taste. Frame options range from traditional to modern and simple to ornate, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to mats.

coquina shell art
A compelling assortment of small Coquina shells from Sanibel Island, FL. Featured on Displays Inspired by the Natural History Museum. The shells are also known as butterfly shells. It's easy to see why! Each shell has its own pencil drawn compartment. An inexpensive white Ribba frame from Ikea was used.

shell collage
The idea of a Beach Collage is a little different from all the other shell art projects, but I love it just the same. It's like framing a little piece of beach! By Natasha Burns.

burlap frame shell art
For this Framed Shell Art a recycled frame was used and burlap as a background (hot glued to a cardboard). Has a sandy feel too. Also note, there is no glass. You can touch the shells! And a very useful tip: Lay out the shells then take a picture so you remember the placement!

Seashell Shadow Box
Or fill a shadow box frame with your seashell collection. Via.

gallery shell art
What a fun display! Featured on Gallery Worthy Framing Ideas for Shells, Seaglass and Beach Pebbles. By Beached Art.

Seashell Art on Wood Board
Or take the inspiration from Gingerly Made and use a rustic wood board as your frame to put a few large shells on display.

Seashell Heart Wall Art on Wood
With a wood board as base you can create anything! By Tattered & Inked, featured on DIY Seashell Hearts Wall Art.

black frame shell art
Black makes a dramatic background for sure. In this case a black velour fabric covers a sturdy foam core board. Via My Pinterest.

Now lets check out some awesome shell art groupings on walls!

gallery wall with shell art in dining room
An outstanding Gallery Walls of shell art in a dining room via Traditional Home, featured on Slipcovered Furniture 101. For tips and tricks, read How to Hang a Picture Grouping!

shell art frame grouping
Shadow Box frames were used to play off the shell pattern in a Dash & Albert seashell rug, featured on Nautical Rugs. Via Redbook Mag.

shell art in the bathroom
Shell Art in the Bathroom. Nice pieces of memorabilia, found on a trip to Australia.

shell gallery wall in living room above sofa
Another gorgeous Gallery Wall.

frames with shells by Tobi Fairley
And "the sky's the limit when it comes to color, especially with paint," designer Tobi Fairley says. This collection of mismatched, discarded frames was repaired, painted orange, and arranged on the wall. Perhaps more frame art than shell art, but still very inspirational. Via Traditional Home.

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Cindy said...

Such beautiful examples of shell art! I have collected many shells, hoping to make a display of my own some day!

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