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A console table is the perfect canvas for a coastal vignette. Whether by the entry or in the living room, style your console table like a pro with these simple coastal decor ideas & Shop the Look!

Styling a Console Table with Coastal Decor

Styling a Console Table #1:
Visually anchor your console table with a piece of art or a mirror.

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Console Table Styled with Coastal Decor

Styling a Console Table #2:
Bring in at least one piece that’s taller than the lower edge of the artwork’s or mirror's frame. A table lamp, candle holder or a vase, for example.

Blue Entrayway STorage Console Table Idea
Whatever pieces you choose, be sure to overlap a few of them slightly so that the groupings feel easy and natural. Place coastal decor items at varying heights to create an engaging visual rhythm. To give an item height you can place it on a box or stacked books or magazines. To learn more details about how to style a console table, go to One Kings Lane.

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You can also play with this idea of styling a console table in a simple symmetrical fashion, using one central focal point, like a mirror, then displaying pairs. 

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