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Wherever you want to prop some books, be it on a shelf or on a side table, these fun coastal bookends will do a beautiful job and add some sea breeze to the space. Delightful sculptural pieces with a function! Nautical bookends that depict life at sea, beautiful coral and shell, illusive mermaids, and whales.

Coral Bookends

From chic faux coral bookends to whimsical whales (below), Caron's Beach House has a fun collection of coastal and nautical bookends for you to choose from.

Whale Bookends
Coastal and Nautical Bookends at Caron's Beach House.

Mermaid Bookends
Colorful cast iron mermaid bookends from By the Seashore Decor, as well as a ceramic turquoise mermaid from Beach Grass and a creme colored mermaid from Coastal Style Gifts.

Sea Shell Bookends
Lovely Cast Iron Seashell Bookend from By the Seashore Decor.

Nautical Bookends
And nautical bookends for those who Love Life at Sea. Cleat Bookends from Ocean Offerings, Anchor and Ship Wheel Bookends and Ship Bookends from Amazon.

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