Ocean and Sea Shore Animal Figurines, Statues and Sculptures

Incorporate some playfulness in your coastal home decor with figurines and statues of ocean and shore animals. 

Coastal Sea and Shore Life Figurines and Statues
These animal figurines and statues come in all sizes, from small to fairly large. They look great on shelves and as part of a Coastal Console Table Vignette, especially when they are larger. Small ocean and shore animal figurines can be fun to have on a side table, night stand or coffee table, and as part of a Coastal Tray Vignette. Here are some decorating ideas and shopping sources for animal figurines and statues. You will find ocean animals such as whales, fish, octopus, seahorses, shells and Coral (yes, corals are animals too, not plants), as well as mythical mermaids. As for shore animals, you will find a great selection of Carved Shorebirds

Do you want your ocean or shore animal outside? Check out these Coastal Garden Statues.

Small Whale Statue on Stand
Small whale statue seen at One Thousand Oaks.

Retro Style Cottage Decor Ideas

Whale Tail Statues Figurines

Fish Figurines on Pedestal Stand