Coastal Nautical Fence Ideas | Rope, Deck, Borders, Fence Caps & More

If your home needs a fence, be it a deck fence, a yard fence or a border fence, here are some ideas for coastal style living.

Coastal Nautical Fencing Design Ideas
Coastal and nautical fence designs include rope fencing for the deck and backyard, decorative brackets, sea inspired fence post caps, as well as unique fencing designs with driftwood branches, oars and decorative panels.

Rope Railing Porch
Rustic nautical rope railing idea from a tiny house in Florida.

If you love the tiny house idea, also check out The Tiny Houses at Siesta in Sarasota FL.

Nautical Rope Fence Bracket
Nautical Rope Fence Brackets by Madison Iron
Brackets are available in a variety of finishes.
Made in USA

Coastal Nautical Fence Caps Mermaid Seahorse
Fence Caps by Madison Iron on Ebay
Cap off a fence post with a mermaid, seahorse or other figurine.

Nautical Rope Fences
There are multiple ways how you can construct a rope fence on your deck and in your yard. You might want to look at some Videos on Youtube to get an idea for the basic install. Original image sources unknown (except fish bracket). 

DIY Rope Border Backyard Fence
DIY Rope Border Fence by H20 Bungalow
A nautical border fence is a great way to define a small area in your backyard. Some shells are used along the border as well.  

Decorative Fence Fencing Ideas Coastal Tropical Cutouts
Decorative coastal tropical picket fence with pineapple cutouts seen in Siesta Key, Florida. Like Decorative Shutters, cutouts are a great design detail that works for fences as well. You can Purchase Picket Fence Panels at Wayfair and other online stores, however, for a fence with decorative details such as cutouts find a fencing company near you. 

Decorative Fence Panels Lattice

Oar Fence

Driftwood Cottage Fence

Driftwood Fence
Oar and driftwood fences are usually constructed with a simple base fence to which the oars and driftwood branches are then attached.

Beach Fence Garden Landscaping Idea
Take your inspiration from the beach dune fences and create a beach landscape in your garden or backyard with a beach fence design. Original source unknown.

Beach Sand Snow Fence