Driftwood Ideas for Garden and Backyard

How to use those beautiful rustic driftwood branches, logs and sticks in your garden or backyard.
Driftwood Log Rack Hanging Planters Idea
There are some great ways how you can Incorporate Shore Finds into your Garden Landscape, from shells to seaglass to driftwood, even buoys. Here are the best ideas I could find with driftwood. You can do a lot with driftwood branches, logs and driftwood sticks! Some of these driftwood garden ideas do require some work. But how fun and rewarding will it be to build something with those driftwood pieces found along the shore, be it a cute little birdhouse or a cool rustic garden bench!  

In case you don't have access to driftwood, you can Shop Driftwood on Etsy or Create the Driftwood Look with Regular Wood Sticks that you might already have in your own garden.  

Driftwood Garden Bench and Table Idea Outdoor Furniture