Garden Decor -Bring a Boat to your Backyard

Have you ever thought of making a boat part of your garden decor? To bring a small dinghy or dory to your backyard? Here are a few ideas!

Boat with Flowers
Turn a boat into a planter. Annie of Fire Fly Hill Design, who's blog sadly closed its doors, photographed this flower boat while vacationing in Ireland. Check out this example too -water lilies are planted inside!

Boat in the Yard
Bring a boat to your backyard and use it for storage or a nursery. Your pet chickens might enjoy hanging out in it too! Seen here.

Boat Shed
Or if you are really ambitious, overturn a boat and build a shed! Via Flickr.

Boat Curb Appeal
A boat with curb appeal! Greenery and flower pots are placed on shelves. Via Flickr.

Boat Bench
I love this unexpected use. A boat transformed into a sitting nook.

Boat Tub
And just for the fun of it. How about turning a boat into an outdoor tub! Via.

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