20 Home Decor Ideas with Boats | Recycled & Repurposed Boats

Bring home a boat!

Boat hanging on Ceiling
If you have the height, hang a boat on the ceiling! Via Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators. Imagine looking up from your bed and seeing a boat hovering over you.

These boat home decor ideas with mostly real boats, recycled and repurposed into chairs, couches,  tables, shelves and more, are for people with a taste for the unusual and unconventional.

repurposed boat swing bed
Repurposed boat swing bed that provides a great place to relax in the living room of a coastal Oregon home featured in Elle Decor.

Recycled Boat Bed Master Bedroom
Boat bed in a Florida Resort Villa. And it's for adults!

repurposed boat chair from stern
A boat stern chair crafted from a 1940's fishing boat that had sunk into the mud. Pillows are sailcloth. That's creative recycling. Behind this transformation is furniture maker Scott Feen from the Atlantic Workshop. There is an article about him in New England Home Magazine.

boat entry home decor
A unique and creative boat entry by T. Duffy.

boat hanging on the wall as home decor
Another real boat as home decor, hanging on the wall in the foyer. Guests will be entertained the moment they come through the door.

boat on ceiling home decor idea
The bow-beamed ceiling of this living room looks like a boat’s hull. And then they hung a boat on the ceiling too. Original source unknown.

boat coffee table
A lovely home decor idea with a custom built Boat Coffee Table.

repurposed boat into table
Another creative transformation where a part of the boat is repurposed into a table.

boat shelf
Boat Wall Shelf in a colorful and eclectic living room. Via BHG, featured on Rooms in Bold Colors.

boat bathtub
Boat Bathtub that  resides in Paris, France. You can tour the apartment over at Design Pad.

garden boat for landscaping
Use a boat for landscaping. This boat is integrated into a beautiful Beach Zen Landscape.

boat in backyard
To have a boat in the backyard could serve you well when guests come over. Use it to arrange drinks and food, or turn a small boat into a tub for ice and bottles. Via my Facebook.

boat garden bench
Another garden decor idea with a boat repurposed into a cozy sitting nook. Original source unknown.

Boat Bench
Great boat bench idea from St. Ives, England.

Boat Arbor Bench
Boat Arbor Bench from Wayfair that makes for a cozy sitting area in the garden.

Boat Couch Sofa
A clever boat conversion seen at Key West Paddle Company on Facebook. The generous boat couch provides a cozy space to chill in a Key West Home.

boat sandbox for kids
Then something for the kiddos. A fabulous boat sand box in an Australian Beach Home.

Recycled Boats Garden Exterior Home Decor
And a few more boat ideas for outside the house, featured HERE.