Wall Decor Ideas with Nautical Life Preserver Rings

There is much beauty in nautical life preserver rings. Here's how you can use them a wall decor.

life preserver rings wall decor ideas
Framed life preserver rings as wall decor hung in a row. A beautiful display with lots of nautical vintage charm, plus a great dose of color. Original source no longer available.

A single red life preserver ring framed and hung in a dining room by Kate Lester Interiors.

Blue Life Preserver Ring Wall Decor Art Above Bed
A single blue life preserver ring that hangs above the bed accentuates the ocean theme in this Blue Bedroom.

wall art decor idea with framed life preservers rings
A trio of  blue life preserver rings as wall decor in a Newport Beach home, posted on my Facebook Page.

Life Preserver Ring Wall Decor Ideass

Shop Decorative Life Preserver Rings at Wayfair

life preserver decor idea for living room
An out of the box idea in Christie Brinkley's Home where a life preserver ring found a spot Over a Window.

vintage life preserver ring
Coastal Design Ideas by Tracery Interiors. Includes this great vintage vignette with a life preserver ring above the desk.

life preserver ring above fireplace mantel wall decor idea
Decorating Nautical with Wooden Oars. A life preserver ring as decor for the space above the fireplace mantel.

life preserver ring wall decor idea bedroom
Featured on Chic Bedrooms -15 Nautical Design Ideas. This life preserver wall decor idea adds to the shop cabin feel of the bedroom.

porch wall decor idea life preserver ring
And of course, life preserver rings feel at home outdoors. Featured here.

vintage life preserver rings as outdoor wall decor
If you can find a cool authentic life preserver ring than you are lucky! 

Life preservers also make great Coastal Christmas Wreaths, see HERE.