Build a Boat Shelf for Sea Inspired Storage

Build your own custom boat shelf that fits your space and style.

How to Build a Boat Shelf Tutorial
I think a boat shelf is a fun functional seaside-y storage solution. You can build this boat shelf any size you want, paint it any color you want. Make it a wall shelf or a self standing shelf.

To build this boat shelf might look more difficult than it actually is. You cut wood shelves with slightly angled ends to accommodate the curve, and for the sides and back of the shelf you use sheets of veneer plywood. It is all well explained and illustrated over at Home at Home. Plus there is a link to another boat shelf tutorial below.

Boat Shelf in Living Room
Floor boat shelf in DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2014 in Florida. Learn how to Build this Boat Shelf.

Wall Boat Shelf
Wall boat shelf featured here.

Boat Shelves on Amazon

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