Sea Inspired Exterior Murals for Walls, Fences and Garage Doors

Painted houses that will make you smile.

sea theme house painting idea
Artsy sea inspired exterior wall murals for your home facade, as well as garage doors and fences. Some are grand, covering the entire house, while others provide a scenic view. 

An artistic painted house wall mural by Liz Hazelet that blends in and continues the natural landscaping of the home. Image source no longer available.

painted beach house
Unlikely that you will paint your house exterior like this, but it looks pretty amazing. A painted house by the sea in France, posted on my Facebook.

painted house with wave
Here in full view via Panoramio. You can call this street art.

Trompe l'oeil painted house
In a tiny town in South Africa a small abode is turned into an exceptional painted house featuring a shack by the sea. It's difficult to see what is painted and what is real. A technique known as Trompe l'Oeil where an optical illusion is created by depicting dimensions. Learn more here.

scenic home painting idea
Take this as an exterior home painting idea. Capture your dream view on an exterior wall, making it part of your Yard. Seen on Flickr.

painting idea for exterior wall
An artsy exterior paint job on a San Francisco home. An entire wall is turned into a tropical landscape.

San Francisco painted house
The front of the house is painted in bright colors. Seen here.

painted house mural
Away from the sea in Sacramento, CA, this painted House exterior brings tropical whimsy to the neighborhood.

Beach Art Painted on Trailer Mobile Home
The front facade of a trailer mobile home is painted with Beachscape Art. Shared on the Completely Facebook Page by a follower. The curb appeal also includes Nautical Fencing with Rope.

painted garage mural
After overhauling the garden, the only thing missing was a sea view. The house looks onto a garage door, not very exciting, so Charlotte Designs was called in to improve the situation. Now the owners look onto a lovely painted sea.

painted garage in a Manhattan beach house
Another painted garage, spotted in Manhattan Beach. Via Flickr.

sea theme painted fence
And why not paint a rickety, old, stockade fence! You can learn more about this project over at Plucking Daisies.

painted fence mural
Octopus found its way onto a Fence! With The Power of Paint you can bring your imagination to life.