Tropical Palm Decor to Create your own Slice of Paradise

If you are dreaming of a place where palm trees sway, start in your home!

Tropical Palm Decor
Create a laid-back space that captures the feeling of palmy breezes, tropical greens, sunny skies and aqua blue seas. Here are some sources and Tropical Decor pics to get you on the road to paradise.

Tropical Green Palm Living Room Decor Design Ideas

Palm Tree Art

Colorful Palm Tree Art Prints from Pallet Knife Paintings Reproductions

Tropical Green Palm Decor
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Palm Green Bedroom Idea
Tropical bedroom in a Florida home featured at Luxe.

Tropical Decor Accessories

Palm Tree Photo Pillow

Tropical Island Bedroom

Tropical Island Decor Ideas Shop Home Accessories
Tropical Palm Decor at Bealls
Bedding, Pillows, Decor Accents, Art & Accents

Tropical Island Living Room Idea with Green Sofa

To create a tropical palmy getaway in your home, choose light colored walls, bring the color green and natural materials such as bamboo and sisal to the space, and play with the palm tree motif. Also add a few punchy colors that you find in a tropical environment, and perhaps a few nice themey items, such as the palm candle holders in the first image. Take the theme as far as you'd like! You could also set the entire tone of a room with a beautiful palm leaf rug. And not to forget a palm tree or Palm Frond. It can be small or big, real or made from silk. And before you know, your are relaxing in your own little slice of tropical paradise.

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