Ocean Beach Photo Murals -There is Nothing Wrong with Faking It

There's nothing wrong with faking a magnificent view with a Coastal Beach Mural.

ocean mural dining room
Essentially these wall murals are enlarged photographs that are applied like Wallpaper except it's one large scene with no repeats. Design by Diamond Baratta. Or you could have a ocean beach custom mural painted by an artist, as two examples will show.

Beach Mural Accent Wall

Photo Mural
Sleeping on a tropical island with a palm beach mural.

rush limbaugh condo NYC
Bedroom in Rush Limbaugh's former NYC Condo. This ocean beach mural was custom painted by an Artist.

Another example of a painted custom beach mural in a dining nook. By Valerie Onor Design.

Bathroom Mural
An ocean beach mural above the bathtub.

Coastal Sunset Mural
Door to paradise.

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