Ocean Beach Photo Murals -There is Nothing Wrong with Faking It

There's nothing wrong with faking a magnificent ocean view! 

ocean mural dining room
Here are some ideas how you can fake a great ocean view with a mural. The mural can be a photograph or it can be painted. 

Dining room with ocean photo wall mural by Diamond Baratta


Beach Mural Accent Wall

DIY Photo to Wallpaper

Photo Mural
Sleeping on a tropical island with a palm beach mural.

rush limbaugh condo NYC
Bedroom in Rush Limbaugh's former NYC Condo. This ocean beach mural was custom painted by an Artist.

Another example of a painted custom beach mural in a dining nook. By Valerie Onor Design.

Bathroom Mural
An ocean beach mural above the bathtub.

Coastal Sunset Mural
Door to paradise.