8 Stunning Coastal Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Devote an entire wall to your love for the sea. Use these 7 great coastal accent wall decor ideas as inspiration.

coastal accent wall decor ideas
Spell out your favorite word using up an entire wall space. The letters blend in with the white wall which keeps the room clean and open.

wallpaper accent wall
A coastal accent wall decor idea with a personal photograph Made into a Wallpaper Mural.  To create this look, you can also use a Photo Mural or Coastal Wallpaper.

accent wall decor idea with fish sculptures
Create a coastal accent wall with sculptures. With your favorite sea life, for example. School of fish from The Iron Fish gallery.

painted coastal accent wall idea with stripes
Turn a wall into a focal point with paint. If you are nautical by nature, Crisp Navy Blue and White Wall Stripes might float your boat.

accent wall idea with oars
Coastal accent wall decor idea with Oars.

vintage french travel posters accent wall decor ideas above the sofa
Use Vintage Coastal Travel Posters to create a stunning accent wall.

idea for coastal accent wall with shelves that display seashell and coral collection
A coastal accent wall idea with display shelves at Ali Wentworth home. This allows you to display beach finds, memorabilia, and decorative objects any way you want.

Sandy Beige Dining Room Idea Coastal Florida Interiors
Transform a wall in any room by installing a Great Quality Built In. Dining room by Florida Based Nesting Place Interiors. A beautiful and functional solution for an accent wall.