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Elevate any room in your home with a timeless built in. 
Built In Designs Living Room Coastal Design Ideas

Timeless designs and decor elements are those things that we continue to see in homes. Blue & White Stripes and a Neutral Color Scheme, for example, antique & Quality Solid Wood FurnitureWicker Furniture, and of course built-in shelves, storage and benches.  

Well made built ins, whether built in shelving, storage or built in benches, have certainly stood the test of time. Built ins are great on so many levels. They can make a room feel bigger, more cohesive, more custom and well put together, and they add character to a room. Built in shelves or storage cabinets, or a built in bench can also make use of a nook that you might have in your home. Not to mention, all the valuable storage and display space you gain with a built in. 

So here is a selection of timeless built in design ideas coastal style. You will find beautiful built in ideas for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, entryway and office. And check out the video at the end that was the inspiration for this post!

Coastal Living Rooms with Built Ins

For a quality built in, it is best to use solid wood. For example, a high-quality cabinet-grade birch plywood and hard maple boards for shelving. You can work with an interior designer or go directly to a local woodworker to install a custom built in. 

For DIY built ins, there are plenty of videos on youtube and tutorials online to help you out. A simple way for a DIY custom built in is to combine quality bookcases, shelving and cabinet units and/or media center, then create the built in look with face frames and/or moldings, and baseboards if applicable.

DIY Living Room Built Ins

Coastal Living Decor Design Built in Shelving Living Room

For the living room, a full wall of built-ins that houses the television is a very popular way to create a beautiful focal point in the space. If you have a fireplace you can wall mount the TV above it as seen in this coastal living room design by Barclay Butera. For a room without a fireplace, use a cabinet unit instead, which could hold the TV. 

Timeless Built In Ideas for Coastal Living

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Add Value to Home with Timeless Built Ins

Wall Bookcase Built in Look

Create the look of a classic built in with a wall bookcase such as the above.

Built In Bookcase Ideas

Beige Dining Room Idea with Built In Coastal Florida Interiors
A beautiful dining room with a great functional built in that offers a variety of storage and display options. This built in features cabinet doors, glass doors as well as open shelving. Design by Florida Based Nesting Place Interiors

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Built In Designs for Bedroom

Timeless Built in Designs for Bathroom Coastal Bathrooms

Built in Coastal Bathroom

Coastal Interiors with Built Ins

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