How to Decorate a NonFunctional NonWorking Fireplace with a Coastal Theme

Use the inside of your non working fire place for a beautiful coastal theme display.

Turn your non functional, non working, or non used fireplace into a great focal point. That dark nook provides a unique design opportunity for a beautiful coastal display.  

How to Decorate a Non Working Non Functional Fireplace

Consider painting your non working fireplace nook in a color that contrasts your display to make it really stand out.

Add the fire element to your non functional fireplace with a great Candle Holder

Shell Filled Fireplace Opening

Simply fill the opening of your non functional fireplace with shells and add some candles. This create a beautiful beach theme ambiance.

Coastal Fireplace Decor Idea One Kings Lane

This large clam planter with greenery fills up the entire fireplace nook. 

Woven Basket in Non Working Fireplace

A large decorative storage basket can hold a variety of things, and you might even want to change them up for different seasons. Flowers for Spring and Summer, Driftwood Pieces wrapped with String Lights for Fall and Winter, for example. 

Books in Non Working Fireplace

Turn the empty space of your non used fireplace into storage for books. You could also place shelving into the nook if you prefer a more neat look.