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This selection of amazing faux clam shells shows a variety of Clam Shells that you can use as Bowls or display as sculptural Objects.

Clam Shell Bowl

Giant Clam Shell Bowls

Giants oversized clam shells make awesome Bowls and great Planters, and look stunning just sitting on a table, shelf or on the floor as a sculptural piece. Many faux clam shells are made of durable lightweight resin, some are cast from stone or stone mixed with resin which is perfect if you want to use your clam shell as an outdoor planter, while other clam shells are of ceramic and make great food bowls.

Decorative Clam Bowl filled with Glass Floats Decor Idea
Clam shell bowl filled with Vintage Fishing Glass Floats

Silver Clam Shell Bowl

Golden Clam Shell Bowl

Clam Shell Food Serving Bowl

Clam Shell Serving Bowl

Blue Ceramic Clam Shell Bowl

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