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Blue Green Colorful Florida Beach House Design Interior Decorating Ideas

I've been enjoying the Florida life style in my Sarasota condo for a few years now. So here is a dive into Florida decorating and interior design.

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Florida Decorating 101

The first step in Decorating your Home is always to let the home speak first. The character of your home and its immediate surroundings will give you clues for your interior design and decorating theme. An old Florida Vintage Beach Cottage has a completely different vibe than a stately Florida Watercolor Beach House

Bring the Flavor of your Florida Inside

Florida is sunny and bright, so dark walls and heavy woods don't feel right. To give your home a lighter feel, be it an opulent decor style, modern, or beachy decorating theme, keep your walls white, off white, or in a pastel color and focus on lighter woods, such as pine or maple. Plus you might also want to add some Rattan Furniture accent pieces. 

To capture that airy beachy feeling, create a space in which the ocean breezes can almost be felt ruffling the curtains.

Match the colors and lush natural surroundings that speak to you. Warm sandy hues and the blues of sea and sky are all excellent colors to bring into your home. As accents, you might choose palmy greens, the orange that you find on a bird-of-paradise bloom, or perhaps the pink of a hibiscus. If you have a Florida sunroom you could use that space to create a lush environment with plants and/or tropical patterns. After all the Florida sunroom is also known as a garden room.   

Keep it Cool with Colors & Light Textures

Florida can be very hot, so you might want to make your home appear cool and breezy. This can be achieved by using the color white on walls, as well as furnishings, incorporating metallic accents and choosing fabrics, such as cotton and linen. During colder months, and Florida does have those, to stay cozy and warm consider using chenille or loosely-woven knit for throw blankets. 

Keep it Shady with Tropical Accents

Another way to keep your Florida home feeling cool is by adding some shady Tropical Decor Accents. Using bamboo window blinds would be a great example of that. Sometimes you just want to escape the bright sunshine. 

Whimsical Florida Decor Accents

While you don't want to go overboard on the whimsical beach theme, it's fun to bring in a bit of it if it goes along with your decor. This could be a great Beach Sign or Carved Shore Birds, just to name a few whimsical decorating ideas that work nicely in a Florida home.  

Florida Decor Styles

Florida homes can be very style specific as well. From mediterranean styles, to Palm Beach, to Key West Style. You might feel inclined to decorate your Florida home in such a way.

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Key West Decorating

A wide range of influences make up the breezy Key West decor style, from Spanish, to British, to Cuban culture. Shutters, light blue ceilings, and palmy decorations are some of the quintessentials. 

Palm Beach Decor Style

Palm Beach decor style uses a bold and playful tropical palette, mixing cheerful hues and patterns.

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