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There was a time when I didn't like wicker furniture. Now I'm loving it! Its organic look is perfect for coastal style living, plus wicker furniture has come a long way.

modern wicker chairs outdoors
Just check out these stylish and modern cube wicker chairs, for example. Seen at Coastal Living.

white wicker furniture outdoors
Wicker is an ancient technique used to manufacture items out of natural materials which when made wet can be easily woven. However, real wicker is not known for its longevity in an outdoor environment. So the wicker furniture of today is made out of a resin to withstand the elements. Here, a beautiful patio setting in a Florida Beach Cottage via Traditional Home.

indoor wicker furniture
But wicker furniture is no longer considered outdoor only furniture, and I'm particularly inspired by indoor wicker furniture. Via My Home Ideas.

indoors wicker chairs
A cozy sitting area with wicker chairs. Seat cushions and decorative Pillows make these chairs look very much like indoor furniture. Via Southern Living.

woven water hyacinth chairs
According to New England Home Magazine these comfy and generous wicker chairs are made from woven water-hyacinth. They might come from the islands off the shores of Bali where water hyacinth seagrass grows wild and is used to make everything from baskets to furniture.

wicker sofa
A fabulous wicker sofa via House Beautiful.

accent wicker chair
A cute accent wicker chair, seen at Coastal Living.

dining room wicker chairs
A dining room by designer Tracey Rapisardi.

white wicker chairs indoors
A cottage style eating nook. Via House and Home.

white wicker accent chair in a sunroom
A relaxing sunroom that includes a wicker chair. Via Coastal living.

red wicker chairs
And how about red! A Nantucket cottage featured at BHG, which brings me to an article at Fresh Home Ideas that you might enjoy: How to Revamp Wicker Furniture!

brown wicker chairs
And back outdoors. Nice touch to add color and contrast with a yellow cloth draping. Via My Home Ideas.

I think outdoor and indoor wicker furniture has never looked better. Or is it just me?
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