2 Door Cabinet Ideas for the Coastal Style Home

Cabinets with front doors and shelves for the coastal style home.
Small Coastal Cabinets
These classic cabinets with front doors and shelves are the perfect furniture pieces for a smaller area. They can offer storage in an entry hallway, stand in for the traditional sideboard or a chest in the dining room, or be the smaller version of a Console Table in the living room.   

Small Coastal Cabinet Storage Living Room

Cabinets that go with The Coastal Style Home can be of whimsical decorative nature, Distressed, Driftwood Style, or with a coastal tropical aesthetic featuring Rattan door panels, for example. Some cabinets also have top drawers which can be very practical. And you can never go wrong with white & blue and soft warm neutrals that you find at the beach when decorating with a coastal theme.

Cabinets with Rattan Panel Doors Tropical Coastal Style

Rattan Door Cabinet Coastal Cabinets

White Door Cabinets for the Coastal Home Coastal Furniture Ideas

Shutter Door Cabinets Coastal Cottage Style

Distressed Blue Door Cabinet

Coastal Cabinets

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