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If looking at the ocean makes you happy, let it take center stage in your home with a large ocean art painting or photograph.

Ocean Art Decor Ideas
A collection of large ocean art in rooms, along with paintings and photographs to purchase -so you can enjoy the calming effect of the big blue in your home every day.

Blue Ocean Art
A bold ocean photograph is the focal point in this kitchen by Diamond Baratta.

Focal Point Ocean Art
A beautifully composed room with a large ocean painting center stage. You can tour this home here.

Blue Ocean Art at Wayfair
Prints of Photographs & Paintings on Canvas. 

Ocean Paintings on Wood

See more Coastal Wood Wall Art.

Abstract Ocean Wall Decor

Abstract Ocean Painting
An ocean painting that captures the ever-shifting hues of ocean and sky.

Large Ocean Photographs
Photo prints are available in large sizes.

Ocean Photographs Mounted on Acrylic Frames

The ocean art is mounted on extra sturdy cuffed acrylic. The look is clean and modern. Seen at Wisteria (no longer available).

Blue Ocean Water Photograph

Large Ocean Beach Art Framed above Sofa
The soothing light blue in the ocean art is also reflected in the ceiling. Via Pratt & Lambert.

Ocean Wave Art
Living room designed by Lisa Tharp. Here the ocean art adds a splash of color in an otherwise neutral room.

Turquoise Ocean Photograph

Large Ocean Painting in Entryway
And the foyer is another space where you can use ocean art to create a stunning focal point. By GCI Design.

Dreamy Ocean Blues that whisk you away to the shoreline in my Beach Bliss Store. White Space

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