Coastal Triptych Wall Art Ideas | 3 Piece Sea Inspired Art

Create a sweeping display with a coastal triptych. 

Ocean Triptych Art

While a Coastal Gallery Wall consists of numerous art pieces, often in different sized frames, a triptych is one continuous scene divided into three pieces hung side-by-side (or sometimes vertical). A triptych  keeps an art display minimalistic, or un-cluttered if you will, and it surely makes a bold statement. So if you have the space, think about coastal triptych art! Here are some inspiring examples of rooms with ocean beach triptych art, sea life and nautical triptych art, and sources where to buy. 

DIY Ocean Triptych Idea

Coastal Triptych Wall Art

3 Piece Ocean Beach Wall Art Ideas

Note that this ocean beach triptych is composed of a wider middle piece. 

Beach Triptych Wall Art
Available as art prints or on canvas.

Beach Triptych Photography

Black and White Photo Triptych Framed Wall Art

Blue Painted Bedroom Elegant

Octopus Triptych

Above octopus design with many color choices.

Octopus Triptych Ideas

Blue and Colored Octopus Squid Triptych Art

coastal dining room with coastal triptych

Coastal Blue Sea Life Seahorse Triptych

Ship Triptych Photo Wall Art Idea

Nautical Whale Triptych