11 Coastal Wall Art Decor Ideas from Pottery Barn

Inspiring coastal wall art decor ideas for your home from Pottery Barn. 

Coastal Wall Art Decor Ideas from Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn always has an abundance of coastal home decor ideas for those who love the sea - Living Room Designs, Bedrooms IdeasCoastal Calm Dining Rooms, and Outdoor Spaces. And Pottery Barn's  Coastal Wall Art Decor Ideas are bold and beautiful. Whether you shop these coastal wall art ideas at Pottery Barn or not, they provide sea-worthy inspiration that you might want to copy. 

Pottery Barn Wall Art Decor Inspiration Driftwood Heart

A large sculptural driftwood piece brings a rustic coastal vibe and rich texture to a space. This driftwood heart is large enough to hang over the sofa or the bed too. If you have a Large Basket Full of Driftwood, you might want to Make a Driftwood Heart!

Shell Shadow Box Wall Art Idea Pottery Barn

Shells can be framed and turned into art in many ways (see link below). To organize shells in a shadow box frame is visually stunning.  

Coastal Shadow Box Ideas Pottery Barn

If you Love Palms, you might want to consider dried palm leaves as well. They look beautiful displayed in a vase or framed as coastal wall art, especially for a Neutral Sandy Room.     

Coastal Gallery Wall Pottery Barn

Adding a surprising piece, such as a Woven Tray, to a coastal gallery wall can give the art display a distinct focal point and design element. You can achieve the same effect with a Coastal Mirror as a centerpiece, for example.  

Blue and White Coral Wall Art Idea

It is very impactful to group pictures not only with a common theme, but also of the same size, using the same frame.  

Art Display Idea on Ledge Shelf Wall Shelving Ideas Pottery Barn

Displaying your coastal wall art on ledge shelving allows you to easily change the art out or add a piece. 

Coastal Black and White Wall Art Ideas

Black & White Coastal art goes beautifully with a more modern coastal look.

Coastal Theme Triptych Wall Art Ideas

Triptychs are an intriguing coastal wall art idea, spanning horizontally. One popular version of this format is the Octopus Triptych.  

Coastal Wood Art Ideas

Wooden coastal art is a style of wall decor that brings some of that rustic beach vibe to the space.  

Woven Basket Wall Decor Idea Pottery Barn over Sofa Living Room Wall Decor

Woven materials, such as rattan and seagrass, are staples in Coastal Design -and they look stylish on the wall too!

Framed Nautical Flags

And if your decorating theme leans towards Life at Sea, framing signal flags will bring those Bold Nautical Colors to your space.