Make a Driftwood Heart

A driftwood heart is a simple Valentines craft that you can enjoy year round. Here are a few beautiful examples.

driftwood heart
Driftwood Heart on bead board. Driftwood sticks were hot glued onto a heart cardboard, beginning on the outside edges. Once completed two rows of twine were glued along the edges to hide the cardboard. Then the driftwood heart was attached to a piece of bead board.

driftwood heart on canvas
This driftwood heart and the one below from Not On The High Street are also mounted on canvas. It doesn't get simpler than that. Only a few driftwood pieces needed. Then fill the heart with words.

driftwood heart Valentines craft
Some shells were used here too.

make driftwood heart
The base used for this beautiful driftwood heart was a sheet of foam. You start with forming the heart outline, trim away excess foam, then build up layers to hide the foam board backing. For all the details, go to All About You.