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No matter what the color trend, we turn to the shore when looking for room color schemes and paint color ideas. Here are some ideas and tips for coastal & beach theme color.

Blue Gray Coastal Color Scheme
Here are three coastal paint color ideas from BHG. Blue-gray, seaglass green and warm gray.

Blue-Gray reflects an easy going beach vibe. Natural seagrass, darker wood, and classic black and white work beautifully with this palette, designer Nate Berkus says.

Seaglass Green Color Scheme
Seaglass Green, a color scheme consisting of blue-green hues. If you go too bright with this beach color scheme, you’re heading into turquoise or mint, designer Sasha Emerson points out.

Coastal Warm Gray Color Scheme
Warm Gray, a color you see in beach pebbles and driftwood. This beach color palette also reminds of a quiet overcast day on the beach. Warm gray is neutral and timeless, more complex than cream or white, a soothing backdrop or to set the perfect scene to pop a bright accent color.

Coastal Beach Theme Paint Color Ideas
Beach theme paint color ideas from New Leaf Pics. The combination of ocean blues and sandy hues is a Classic Coastal Color Scheme.

color inspiration from beach chairs
This illustrates that coastal color schemes are not limited to nature (sea, sky, sand, shells, etc.), we can also capture the feeling of a favorite spot by drawing inspiration from its beach culture; in this case, the giant wicker chairs on Germany's North Sea. Photograph by Rafael Neff, featured in the February issue of House Beautiful.

room color scheme from dog beach
Color specialist Donna Frasca illustrates that anything goes. Say, you love Dog Beach and you want to capture the essence of it -include the ball in your room color scheme.

blue room color schemes from the ocean
Or pull the colors from a vacation video, she says.

room color schemes from the shore
House Revivals is softening the living room space with a huge area rug in the colors of the surroundings -shells, grasses, sand. It shows that a beach room color scheme can be very earthy too.

color inspiration from shells
Shells are great to use for a coastal color scheme because they can show a wide range of colors. By Alisa Burke.

Color Palette Seashells
And last but not least, a look back to Coastal Living's Idea House 2010 where they included the color palette used -derived from shells and driftwood.

shell colors for decor inspiration

driftwood color palette inspiration

If you turn to the shore for room color schemes, you don't have to figure out which colors work together. Nature's color combinations are perfect. The only challenge that remains is to use the colors in a way that pulls everything together harmoniously.

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