Blue Painted Staircases with a Coastal Nautical Beach Vibe

Step it up with paint and give a staircase a coastal vibe.

blue painted staircase
Whether your staircase is leading up to a second floor or down to the basement, make it beach happy with blue paint. You can paint the risers, the steps, the railing, go with a painted stair runner design, paint words, use decals, and more.

Painted stair risers in a mix of blues create visual interest as your eye follows the stairs. Via Coastal Living.

Blue stripe stairs in a Connecticut summer cottage featured on Remodelista.

balusters painted blue
Unleash your creativity. Balusters painted in shades of blue, graduating from light to dark. Via Martha Stewart.

Painted Stair Runner
Painted stair runner in pastel green/blue by Anna Matthews Interiors.

blue staircase with rope railing
Nautical stairway with rope railing by JA

Blue Painted Enclosed Staircase Cottage Home
An enclosed blue painted staircase in a New Jersey cottage that also features a rope detail. Featured HERE.

Nautical Stairway
Navy blue painted staircase and eye-catching Nautical Wallpaper.

Nautical Staircase Idea
Nautical staircase in a Florida cottage featured on Southern Living. They removed the stairwell spindles and replaced them with Hearty Manila Rope. See all Nautical Rope Stair Railing Ideas.

weahtered blue staircase
A staircase with a beachy weathered vibe in a Summer House.

paint staircase blue
Country Living

beachy stairs

staircase idea with paint
Consecutive colors on the same paint strip were used for this blue painted staircase. Via Real Simple.

staircase with numbers on risers

staircase with decals
Staircase painted in blue with decals that spell out a saying.  Original source no longer available.

sign on stair riser
A Let's Do Sunset sign is mounted onto the stair riser. Via My Home Ideas.

staircase with saying
Or paint your saying, using some beachy blues. Original source unknown.

art painting on staircase
An artistically painted staircase. Original source unknown.