Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams -The Perfect Serene Neutral Coastal Paint Color

Sea Salt, top coastal paint color choice, reminiscent of the sea. 

Sea Salt Paint by Sherwin Williams Top Neutral Coastal Color
Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, a mix of green, gray and blue, is by many considered the perfect serene neutral coastal paint color, perfect for any space or surface. When people see a room painted in Sea Salt they want to know what color it is! Some interior designers even say that Sea Salt is one of the all-time most popular paint colors out there.  

One of the wonderful things about this paint is that it can change colors quite a bit, just like the sea. Depending on lighting conditions Sea Salt paint can look more greenish or lean blue, both with a hint of gray. It is definitely recommended to sample the color.

Sea Salt Color Palette Guide and Shopping

This sea salt paint color palette includes nine coordinating colors that are complementary to each other and work together for a cohesive look for your home. The color palette package includes a paint guide, clickable shopping links, examples of the colors in real-life applications and more.

Sea Salt Paint Sample Peel and Stick

So here are some great sources to explore where you can learn more about Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint and view examples of rooms painted in Sea Salt paint.

Best Neutral Coastal Paint Color

"It’s truly one of Sherwin Williams’ most popular paint colors for a reason, it looks so great in so many spaces." 

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams Most Popular Paint Color

"This wonderful paint color has several different undertones. They are green, blue, and gray. Green and gray take the most of the color, whilst blue can slightly be noticed. However, it is also there."

Living Rooms Painted in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint

"We had our cabinet maker paint the backing of the bookcases the same color as the walls: Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams."

Examples of Rooms Painted in Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

"Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a gorgeous color. I know, I have it in several rooms in my home! It’s the perfect coastal neutral color." 

Sea Salt Paint Color Samples
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Coastal Bedrooms Painted in Sea Salt Paint by Sherwin Williams

"Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint is the most perfect color if you're going for a coastal vibe. It's also a great pop of color if you still want your decor/interiors to stay mostly neutral too."

Coastal Bathroom Paint Ideas

"I love how Sea Salt looks a little greyer sometimes, more green other times and even aqua at other times."

Bathrooms Painted in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint

"From my experience working with clients, I have yet to see Sea Salt appear in a color that I didn’t like but whether green or blue/green or blue/gray, Sea Salt has never disappointed me!"

Update: And just to see how popular and loved Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint is, check out the Facebook Post about Sea Salt -Hundreds of followers commented that they have the color on their wall!