Simple Coastal Spa Bathroom Decor Ideas | Sea Inspired Beach Bathrooms

Turn your bathroom into a spa like space with these decor ideas. 

How to Create a Spa Bathroom Coastal Style Sea Inspired

Creating a sea inspired spa atmosphere in your bathroom doesn't require a remodel. You can start today with these 7 simple ideas!

Coastal Spa Bathroom Tips
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1. Streamline your Bathroom 

The first thing to do is to de-clutter your bathroom. Store as many items as you can inside cabinets or drawers. Perhaps you have to re-think your storage solution to achieve this. You only want pretty and organized toiletries & self care items out in the open (see below).

Coastal Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

2. Upgrade & Organize Toiletries & Towels 

Reinforce the spa look with beautiful bath products. Eliminate labels if they are not aesthetically pleasing. Consider transferring liquid hand soaps, shampoos and conditioners into pretty bottles. Clear glass jars are great for holding sponges, cotton rounds, and other small items. 

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3. Incorporate Plants

Incorporating plants is an easy way for making your bathroom feel like a spa. Place a Realistic Looking Faux Palm Tree on the floor or any bathroom surface, add Palm Fronds in a Vase, or Dried Palm Leaves are gorgeous as well, especially for an all Sandy Beige Color Scheme. And, of course, if your bathroom has lots of natural light, you could opt for a real plant too. How about Hanging an Air Plant in a Cute Coastal Planter

Rattan Bar Cart for Spa Bathroom Coastal Decor Idea

Use a versatile bar cart, such as this Serena & Lily Rattan Cart to create a spa like display where you can incorporate a plant.
4. Add Candles & Scents

Candles and aromas will instantly transport you to a peaceful mental space. Have your coastal spa bathroom always smell amazing with Beach Potpourri or Essential Oil Diffuser.

Coastal Bathroom Spa Ideas
5. Add a Tub Caddy or Shower Bench

A Tub Caddy and/or Shower Bench is a great spa like addition that provides a handy surface for self care items like soaps, sponges and shampoos.

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Coastal Bathroom Spa Tips Ideas

Add a Chair to Bathroom Spa Like Bathrooms with a Coastal Beach Theme
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6. Add a Seat

If you have the space, add a chair or ottoman to your bathroom to give it that relaxed spa retreat feel. A chair or ottoman in your bathroom will provide a place to sit down while running the bath, and be a spot for a bath robe or a stack of towels (as the very first picture shows).

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7. Hang Art 

If excess humidity is not a factor in your bathroom, complete the decor of your coastal spa bathroom with a neutral piece of Ocean Art or Scenic Beach Art.

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