Palm Tree Decor Ideas | Shop Faux Artificial Palm Trees for the Home

Going green with palm trees for that year round warm feeling.

Palm Tree Decor Ideas Living Room

We are taking going green with a tropical flair a step further, from Palm Tree Prints, to Decorating with Palm Leaves & Fronds, to palm trees of all sizes. 

Artificial and faux palm trees come in many different sizes with a variety of leaf shapes. These trees are a great maintenance free choice and can look very real. The trick is to look for an artificial palm tree with a really lifelike trunk. I absolutely love my faux palms and I am planning to add some to the balcony too. My artificial palm trees have plastic stems that I could tweak and the fan leaves are made from a fabric material. 

Take your inspiration for palm tree decor from these coastal interiors and shop the look.

Palm Tree in Basket Wicker Planter Pot

Faux Palm Tree Ideas

These Stores have a large Selection of Artificial Palm Trees to choose from.

Palm Tree Decor Faux Artificial Palm Trees for Home Decor

Very often you see palm trees, be it faux palms or live palm trees in a tropical style room. For a bold look, make a tall majestic palm tree the focal point in the room.

Palm Trees in Living Room

Interior Design with Palm Trees | Faux Palm Tree Ideas

Large Artificial Palm Tree Living Room
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How to Decorate with Palm Trees | Interior Decor Inspiration Images

Medium sized artificial palm trees are the most versatile. Smaller versions can be put on plant stands. Faux Areca palm trees are very popular. 

Metalic Palm Tree Ideas

There are also metallic versions of palm trees, including faux palm trees in gold color.

Decorate Palm Tree for Christmas

If you have a faux, artificial or even a real palm tree in your home, you can deck it out for Christmas. If you live in a Southern climate, tropical or subtropical, this could be your main Christmas Tree. Above are two examples of pre-lit palm trees that you can find in stores.