16 Neutral Coastal Living Room Designs & Decor Ideas

This collection of inspirational coastal interiors features 16 neutral coastal living room designs and decor ideas. Explore and shop the look!

Neutral Colors Coastal Living Room Ideas
Classic neutral coastal designs are abundant in sun bleached whites, sandy beige tones, and natural materials. It is a calm and harmonious coastal look where colors only show up in the wall art and on accent pieces. And even then, the colors are kept on the quiet side as not to interfere with the neutral spaciousness of the room.

Use these classic neutral coastal living room ideas to inspire your own style. Take away the Basic Coastal Decor Ideas, then infuse whatever you want to see in the space.

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Neutral Beige Creme Off White Coastal Living Room Design Ideas and Decor

Classic Coastal Interior Designs

Coastal Living Room Decor Idea with Ocean Art above Sofa

Striped Jute & Sisal Rug

Neutral beige coastal living room

Simple Coastal Style Living Room Design Ideas

Traditional Neutral Coastal Living Room Decor Idea

Neutral Taupe Sofa Coastal Living Room Design Ideas

Neutral Coastal Living Room Idea with Blue Decor Accents

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Sandy Beige Living Room Ideas

Classic neutral coastal designs and decor also make for a great starting point for other coastal styles. Such as beach cottage style, modern style, traditional American style, and all kinds of destination styles -New England, Caribbean, Mediterranean and others. To learn more, go to How to Decorate Coastal Style.

Neutral Gray White Coastal Color Scheme Living Room Idea
Gray Coastal Living Room

To change up the neutral coastal sandy beige & white designs bring in a Coastal Color Palette of Warm Grays

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