Coastal Lamps inspired by Fishing Glass Floats

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The beauty and history of Vintage Fishing Glass Floats is inspiring and there are a few cool coastal lamps modeled after these glass floats. From hanging lamps, to table lamps, to fishing glass float string lights.

Fishing Glass Floats Net Hanging Lamp Pendant Lights
Glass float lamps from Along Shores Decor, include hanging glass float lamps and table lamps.

Glass Float Chandelier Lamp
Cluster hanging lamps/chandelier are another version of glass float hanging lamps sold by Along Shores Decor.

Glass Globe Rope Net Lamp above Dining Table
A beautiful clear glass globe rope net lamp hanging over a dining room table, photographed by David Tsay.

Rope Net Glass Bubble Lamp
Bubble Lamp from World Market's Rope Net Glass Lamp Collection.

Clear Glass Rope Net Ceiling Light Pendant
Clear Glass Rope Ceiling Pendants from Elk Lighting's Nautical Collection, include singe lights and and a variety of combo light pendants.

Glass Float Table Lamp
A Coastal Glass Float Table Lamp from Overstock's Nautical Lamp Collection.

The Net Float Lamp in This Airy Nautical Bedroom is from Shades of Light, but no longer available there. You can find a pair of almost identical Net Lamps at Hayneedle.

Net Glass Float Lamp
Stacked Glass Float Table Lamp from Overstock's Nautical Lamp Collection.

Glass Float String Lights
Fun Glass Float String Lights that you can use inside or out! From World Market.

Glass Float Lantern Lights
Or how about Solar Powered Glass Buoy Lantern Lights. They are too cute! From Bed Bath and Beyond's Outdoor Collection.

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