Aqua Bathroom Bliss with Seaside Art

After a long day at work, Trisha Brink comes home to Aqua Bathroom Bliss with an ocean view provided by Vintage Seascape Art.

bathroom bliss
The bathroom was remodeled about 10 years ago before everyone knew aqua was going to hit it big, Trisha says.

aqua bathroom
The beautiful window to the ocean, achieved with a large Vintage Seascape Painting, creates a wonderful relaxing mood. Trisha's claw foot tub is the real deal; an antique, original to the home built in 1913. They also cut a hole into the buffet to fit the sink.

aqua vintage fan
On the cabinet sits a vintage aqua fan.

aqua colors in bathroom
Trisha says. "I always have this incredible feeling of peace whenever I'm in that room."