Coastal & Nautical Paint by Number Art & Kits

Charming coastal and nautical paint by number art and DIY kits to create your own masterpiece.

Coastal Nautical Paint by Number Art & Kits
Millions of Americans were into paint by numbers in the 50s and 60s. Craft Master was the first Paint by Number Kit that hit the market in 1951, invented by Palmer Paint Company's Dan Robbins; other manufacturers followed. Paint by number art done by hobbyists are not only still around, but the good ones have become collectibles. The good news is that the price tags for vintage paint by number art has remain low and you can find finished vintage paintings on Ebay and on Etsy.

Seashore Paint by Number Kit

Paint by Number Nautical Art

Modern Paint by Number Kit Beach Art

picture grouping on wall
Paint by number Nautical Gallery Wall, featured here.

You might also enjoy to read up on the History of Paint by Number at the Smithsonian which held an exhibition in 2002 on the phenomenon.

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