13 Creative Framing Ideas for Starfish

Cast your own Plaster Starfish or Buy Faux Starfish and frame them. Here are 13 creative framing ideas for starfish.

creative framing ideas
Framing Starfish on a jute background. The texture of the jute backing captures the feel of sand.

Shadow Box Frame Beach Sand Starfish Idea
Starfish in a shadow box with a framed beach sand paper in the background. A simple dimensional piece. Original source unknown.

framing starfish
Beautiful contrast with dark blue and white starfish art, seen here. Made with Ikea frames and blue card stock.

starfish in shadow box
Choose any background you wish. Shadow box by Plumeria.

starfish on pink
A small Shadow Box is used here, and pink fabric.

creative framing turquoise
The background for this Starfish is hand woven with ribbons.

creative framing with scrapbook paper
A creative framing idea that includes scrapbook paper, wine corks and twine. Seen here.

suspended between glass
A starfish suspended between glass by Tresor Le Mer.

starfish frame
Think outside the frame. Seen here.

hang starfish
Hang Starfish off the frame as seen here.

hanging starfish
Another way of hanging and Framing a Starfish.

starfish on canvas
A simple painted Canvas idea.

starfish wall plate
Starfish on a plate, featured on Decorating with Starfish -Creative Display Ideas.

embroidery hoop wall art
Starfish mounted on an embroidery hoop.

wall plaque
A Starfish Wall Hanging plaque that had a previous life as a cupboard door.

tile wall art
Tiny starfish in a frame. These are 4x4 inch tiles with square inset slots.

Framed Starfish Shell Gallery Wall Idea
However you frame your starfish, you might even want to compose a stunning Gallery Wall. Original source unknown.