Beach Shadow Box Wall Art Ideas | Coastal & Nautical Decor

Use shadow boxes to showcase your sea-worthy beach finds and keepsakes.

Shadow Box Wall Art Decor Ideas with a Coastal Nautical Beach Theme
Here are some great coastal shadow box ideas to use for home decor. Shadow boxes allow you to create dimensional displays of all kinds of things. Think of the shells that you collected along beaches -they look great in a shadow box! Or how about creating a beach shadow box with vacation memories? And then there are items such as dried palm leaves and nautical knots, for example, that can be framed in a shadow box to make for beautiful DIY Coastal Wall Art

Whatever you put on display in your shadow box, in most cases you need to adhere the items. To do that, you can use hot glue, gorilla glue, double stick tape or in some cases wiring. 

And notice the types of shadow boxes used for all these cool coastal displays. These shadow boxes range from neutral white to rustic. Shadow boxes can also differ in how you put your items in there. Some are top loads while others have doors, and some are open boxes -you could use a simple wood box that you might already have!

Beach Shadow Box

Beach Vacation Memory Shadow Box Ideas
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Shadow Box Frames for Vacation Memories Keepsakes Memorabilia

Beach Vacation Memory Boxes
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Seaglass Display Shadow Box
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Framed Oyster Shell Art

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