16 Coastal & Beach Mosaic Ideas

Using beach finds, shells, seaglass and tiles to create mosaic art.    

Beach Mosaic Ideas Coastal Mosaics Decorative Home Decor
The art of making mosaics has a long tradition, dating back thousands of years, believed to have originated in Ancient Greek. All kinds of materials can be used to create mosaic art, applied onto almost any surface. Simply put, a mosaic is the art of creating a design with small individual pieces -from tiles to pebbles to found objects. And of course, coastal and beach mosaic art is made with beach treasures, shells, seaglass, beach pebbles, as well as sea inspired tiles. You can design your coastal mosaic or beach mosaic in a pattern, for example, or in any way you want -the sky is the limit when it comes to your coastal beach mosaic. Here is a round-up of ideas! 
Sea Shell Mosaic Box

Coastal Mosaic

Fireplace Shell Mosaic Ideas

Shell Mosaic Art

Shell Mosaic Art Shadow Box Idea
Create any shape with a shell mosaic!

drift wood wall art collage

Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Ideas Coastal Beach Theme

Beach Mosaics

Bathroom Mirror Tile Mosaic Sea Inspired Tiles

Seaglass Mosaic Art

Beach Bottle Mosaic Bottles