Driftwood Wall Art

How to use driftwood as wall art and wall decor.

abstract wood wall art

Add a unique and natural touch to any room with driftwood wall decor and driftwood wall art. You can create a great focal point with driftwood wall art by simply arranging pieces of driftwood in an interesting pattern. 

Driftwood looks gorgeous in its natural state, but you can also paint it to match your decor or you can White Wash Driftwood as well. Also, you might want to seal your driftwood art with a clear varnish or wood sealer to protect it and enhance its natural beauty.

wood wall artAn installation with two large driftwood pieces, bouncing two differently shaped logs off of each other. To fill the fireplace with rustic shells is brilliant, giving the composition even more punch. Via Apartment Therapy.

Driftwood STick Wall Hanging Sculpture
A driftwood stick wall hanging sculpture. Some driftwood sticks are painted blue which is a nice touch. Made by Sustain my Craft Habit. You can shop their Etsy Store

Driftwood Beach Art Painting

drift wood wall art collage
Bring smaller pieces of driftwood together and turn them into a large collage. A composition of hand collected drift wood pieces that sits above the fireplace. Seen here.

Driftwood Wall Decor

coastal cottage decorating

Reclaimed Driftwood Wall Decor Art Decorations Handmade One of a Kind

Driftwood from the shore is a wonderful way to enjoy natures bounty and beauty at home.